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Nibs' Homage to Conan O'Brien

May 5, 2007  

Hi guys. Well the goal of this day was to see if Lee and I could replicate the adventures had by Conan O'Brien when he visited San Francisco. Specifically, we wanted to go check out ILM and see if we could find the things Conan found.

But first it also happened to be Free Comic Book Day! And as you may know, our quest for Owly brought us to the one and only landmark of San Francisco, the Castro! I bet Goober would've really liked to check out this place.

We headed on and missed the turn to The Presidio and ended up at the Palace of Fine Arts. It was a pretty great day to be there so we didn't mind. Here I am chilling on a bench. (For those of you who don't remember, this is the scene from The Rock where Sean Connery meets his daughter.

Two British girls asked us to take their picture. In exchange, Lee asked them to take this picture! The British girl replied, "You and your teddy?! How cute!" Hoo hoo. I think she liked me.

Lee decided to try to be artistic and took this picture and this one and this one too, oh and this one. I was getting bored. Lee took this one of the water and then this one of the tree and that was pretty cool I guess. But finally I convinced Lee to go to ILM.

Here we are at ILM!!! The grounds. The view. The fountain. But so far no sign of the Yoda statue. We walked around the entire grounds and the only thing cool we saw was this view of the Golden Gate Bridge, and this one. Oh well. We were about to give up when we circled it one more time and found YODA!!

Hoo hoo... still has an old bladder. Can you find me in this picture? Here I am close up. Hi guys!! Hoo hoo... some stranger saw Lee taking pictures of me and asked if he could take our picture.

Then Lee asked the stranger if there was other cool stuff around. He pointed Lee to the main lobby. It was locked but we looked and saw THIS, just like Conan had found. Ooh... and here's the other statue! But what a scam- they're both in the same room! In fact, everything Conan featured was in that room! Boo. There was some other cool stuff too.

All in all we were pretty pleased with how close we came to emulating Conan's trip. On the way out, we saw this and I stopped to pose. Oh yeah, and Conan never got a shot like THIS!

Our day didn't end here. Since we were in the Presidio, we went to get a closer look at the Golden Gate Bridge. Cool!! Here I am right next to the water! And yet another friendly person wanted to take my picture with Lee.

Finally, Lee and I went to go check out Baker Beach. It was pretty awesome. Such stereotypical pictures! And cool to see a ship on the ocean, and the cliffs, pretty cool. I didn't pose for any pictures here because it was windy and Lee didn't want me to get sandy.

Anyway, it was a pretty full day. From Owly to Yoda, good times were had by all. Hope you enjoyed my photo story!