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Here is a place where people like YOU can write questions to SCHLOP or send creative fan mail images you maybe made. Then you can find out SCHLOP'S answers and thoughts about what you wrote or created. Or maybe you won't but at least you know you made SCHLOP smile and if not that at least you got SCHLOP'S attention for a little while and possibly annoyed SCHLOP if that was perhaps your goal.

The fan mail currently here is from a while back. Maybe Schlop can get some new entries. You can enter stuff by writing to and then crossing your fingers and running to check the website every day to see if Schlop has replied or posted your email!! Good Luck!!

On 02/10/06 Nibs writes:

Schlop, here is some Fan Art of you taking a bus to St Louis. Just like that one dog in Germany who likes to take the bus.

Schlop thanks you for the flattering drawing and realizes that it is your artistic style depicting him with his head out of the window, rather than any implied connection that Schlop is like a dog.

On 10/18/05 Anonymous writes:

No, no, I'm quite sure you're not Schlop's father. Schlop thanks you for writing and encourages you to visit his forums for more discussion as to his parentage.

On 10/17/05 Dave writes:

Dear Schlop,
Hey - I am filling out a lab safety quiz - and I like the obviously wrong answers - this one was good:

Proper methods of avoiding slips, trips and falls include: b. carefully slide quickly across smooth, slippery surfaces

Sounds good to me! What do you think, Schlop?

Great question, Dave. Schlop enjoys sliding across smooth, slippery surfaces as well. Specifically any kind of kitchen floor on his feet pads. He can slide for so long! It's his favorite form of transportation. He even wonders if it will one day be an Olympic sport. Maybe it will, thanks to people like you.

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